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Nobody Knows | Quest 4 English Learning

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Nobody Knows

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Nobody knows  Nobody knows its empty

This smile that I wear

The real one is left in the past

Because you have left me there,

Nobody knows I am crying

They wont even see my tears

When they think that I am laughing

I still wishing you were there.

Nobody knows its painful

They think that I am strong

They say that it wont kill me

But I wonder if they were wrong.

Nobody knows I am praying

That you will change my mind

They think that I had let you go

When you left me behind.

Nobody know I miss you

They think I feel  set free

But I feel like Im bound with chains

Trapped in the mystery.

Nobody knows I miss you

They say I can do it on my own

But they don’t know I am crying

When I am all alone.





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